MorningStar Fellowship of Churches (MFC)

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The MorningStar Fellowship of Churches (MFC) was founded with the purpose of providing a place for strengthening, equipping, covering and fellowship of local churches.

Among the leadership counsel of MFC and within the MFC network, there is a rich strength of grace, wisdom, and experience available to assist the MFC affiliates.

Download MFC Brochure (PDF)

MorningStar Fellowship of Churches

Benefits of Membership

  • Complimentary subscription to The MorningStar eJournal
  • Complimentary basic subscription to
  • 20% discount on MorningStar publications, i.e. books, videos, CDs and conferences
  • At least one MFM retreat yearly and periodic regional meetings

Exclusive MFC Benefits

  • Crisis Assistance
  • A Prophetic Council
  • Relational-Spiritual Covering
  • Intercessory Teams
  • Special MFC Conferences
  • Leadership Team Visits
  • Cross-Pollination: Influence and inspiration within the MFC network.
  • High Standards for Admission

How to Apply to MFC

FriendsOur primary goal in MFC is not to build a large network of churches, but simply to connect with those churches the Lord desires us to fellowship with.

The application process is fourfold:

  1. The application allows us to begin the process of becoming familiar with your congregation and its history, beliefs, and government.
    • Download the MFC Application: PDF Doc
    • Download the Reference Form: PDF Doc
  2. Once the application review is completed a member of Morningstar's leadership team will visit your local church in order to get to know the local leaders personally.
  3. Approval by the board of MFC. The MFC board takes its responsibility to member churches very seriously, and approval by the board ensures our commitment to you as our member.
  4. Payment of registration fee. This fee, which is based upon congregation size and location, is adjusted for churches in less developed countries.

Mail completed applications to:

MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries
375 Star Light Drive, Fort Mill, SC  29715
803-802-5544 Ext. 247