Rock Community Church, Souderton PA

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Rock Community Church started in August of 2000 with a handful of adults and children. The Lord has been building the church here through the lost getting saved as well as quality people answering the call of our prayers to join as co-workers in the harvest. And we rejoice because the body of Christ is growing stronger as we unite together under the name of the Lord.

We believe that we are expressing the type of foundational Christianity that permeated the early Church. We don't follow a program mentality, but we "lived out" from our heart. Like the DNA that is found in a seed, when the outer shell dies, the life inside is awakened and the surrounding environment of that "life" is dynamically impacted. Likewise we have been given something greater than any force on the face of this planet - eternal life through Christ. As we continue to yield to the life of the Spirit of God in us, we will increasingly impact the environment around us for the sake of Christ.


857 Main St.
Harleysville, PA 19438
United States
Phone: (215) 256-4410
Staff Members: 
Ted MoyerPastormoyer [dot] theoatgmail [dot] com
Joyce MoyerPastor