Rick Joyner's Word for the Week




Week 16, 2014
       How can we not love the body of Christ? It certainly has flaws and shortcomings, but it is also the most unique and interesting entity on the planet when taken as a whole. This is why I have pursued (and am thankful to have done so) relationships with those in denominations and movements across the spectrum of the body of Christ. I have learned much... Read More
Week 15, 2014
          Last week we discussed how the church is still so far from what it is called to be, and yet this also gives us an ultimate opportunity—could we begin a momentum that would actually hasten the coming of the day of the Lord? Read More
Week 14, 2014
         My studies and experience in the body of Christ for the last forty plus years indicate to me that the church today is less than 10% of what God called it to be. This is very encouraging to me because of the incredible upside. Even in its present state, the church is overall the most powerful entity in the world today, by far. What will it be... Read More
Week 13, 2014
        We have been covering how having koinonia is essential for the true New Covenant life for fulfilling The Great Commission to make disciples, not merely converts. In the New Testament, every new believer’s discipleship began with being “added to the church.” There simply is no other biblical way to walk with God that does not also... Read More
Week 12, 2014
       We now understand that having koinonia is essential for the true New Covenant life and for fulfilling The Great Commission. In the New Testament when someone believed in Christ, they were made disciples, not just converts, and their discipleship began with being “added to the church.” This was far more than just being added to the... Read More
Week 11, 2014
     Why is koinonia so important when we are talking about The Great Commission? One reason we have failed to fulfill The Great Commission has been our tendency of making converts rather than disciples. The Great Commission is to make disciples. If disciples are not being made, then we are failing in our commission. Read More
Week 10, 2014
     There are two Greek words most commonly translated “church” in the New Testament. Koinonia, which we began to address last week, speaks of the special bonding of the saints in relationship. The other is ecclesia, which speaks of church order, structure, and government. We must have both of these to become the church we are called to be and to... Read More
Week 9, 2014
     Continuing with the commission to make disciples and connecting it with how spiritual authority is founded upon love, one way we will know who we are called to help disciple is by a love that God gives us for them. If I don’t feel a special love for a person, I won’t try to disciple them. I will consider that God has called someone else to help... Read More
Week 8, 2014
     The Christian disciplines, such as daily reading of the Scriptures, prayer, worship, witnessing, etc., are all crucial for a healthy, balanced Christian life. While we should never neglect these disciplines, they alone are not enough. In the Scriptures, we find that experiences, encounters with the Lord and even angels, changed people more radically and... Read More
Week 7, 2014
     Last week we discussed how Jesus prayed in John 17 that the love the Father had for Him would be in us. If I had time here, I believe I could biblically prove that the love of the Father for His Son and the Son’s love for the Father is the greatest power in all of creation and is personified in the Holy Spirit. The ultimate experience, fulfillment, or... Read More
Week 6, 2014
     When the Lord felt compassion for the sheep without a shepherd, He became their Shepherd. When He felt compassion for those who lived in darkness, He became their Teacher. All true spiritual authority is founded upon love. We will know the place of our calling and destiny when we know God’s love has been shed abroad in our hearts. Read More
Week 5, 2014
      The immature and unstable tend to see and act in extremes. Granted, there are extreme truths. To see them and walk in them means you will be acting in an extreme way compared to others. However, those who cannot see anything but extremes are usually the most deceived of all. The path of life is almost always found between extremes. Read More
Week 4, 2014
         You do not need to be a prophet to see that we are in the times that the apostles and prophets spoke of when the kingdoms of this world would be collapsing and the kingdom of God growing. However, even many Christians who see how shaky the governments of this world are becoming do not yet see the signs of the coming kingdom. To... Read More
Week 3
          The Great Commission will be fulfilled. This commission is to make disciples of nations, not just individuals. To do this, we must understand the times. Read More
Week 2, 2014
         When I prayed for this coming year, I was shown a roller coaster. This means we will have ups and downs this year. I realize that hardly takes a prophet to predict, but the encouraging thing about this vision was that the ride ended at the highest point. We’re going higher this year! So don’t be discouraged by the... Read More


Week 1, 2014
         We will continue our study of how the kingdoms of this world are in conflict with the coming kingdom of God, but I would like to take this opportunity to be thankful for all the Lord did in 2013 and for all of the potential of 2014.           Because we are commanded to “enter... Read More
Week 52, 2013
        At the time of this writing, America is struggling with what should be a primary argument against socialism or Marxism—what is popularly known as Obamacare. If you are from another country, please bear with me as we address this, because it does illuminate some of the ultimate issues between capitalism and socialism. Read More
Week 51, 2013
        Considering the responses I have received from this WFTW series, I had no idea so many had so little understanding of what Marxism is, and that you would want to learn more. I’m sure many do not really understand capitalism either. It is an encouragement that so many of you want to go deeper in understanding these. Read More
Week 50, 2013
         The American Founding Fathers believed that tyranny could come from either the government or from the people. Because of this, they built a brilliant system of government that had firewalls to protect against the tyranny from either direction. They warned that if these firewalls were torn down, the Republic could not last. In the last century... Read More
Week 49, 2013
        There is a common grace that God gives to all, even those who do not recognize Him. These are our natural talents which, whether we acknowledge Him or not, come from God. This common grace is both individual and corporate. There are kingdom principles that heathen nations can implement which will bring blessings to them even if they do not recognize... Read More
Week 48, 2013
        We continue our study of The Great Commission by addressing some of the major strongholds that must be confronted by the gospel of the kingdom. In recent weeks we have been addressing how Marxism is fundamentally in conflict with the coming kingdom, as well as with what has propelled civilization forward. Marxism is a basic regression... Read More
Week 47, 2013
         Last week we began to address the concept of “American Exceptionalism,” or what made America different from all other nations, at least until recently. In the last few decades, America has been turning from what made it an exception while other nations have begun to embrace what had made America exceptional. This understandably... Read More
Week 46, 2013
        A few weeks ago, President Putin of Russia wrote a controversial op-ed to America that was stimulated by the crisis in Syria. In his article, he took exception to the phrase “American exceptionalism.” That is understandable, especially with the problem of how this is translated into other languages. Read More
Week 45, 2013
        This week I received one of the most important letters I think I’ve ever received from a member of my own church. It convicted me of a terrible assumption and presumption on my part. I’m sharing it with you because many others may feel the same. This is the letter. I will make some brief comments at the end: Read More