Strategic Prophetic Words


August 4, 2006
I believe this is a time of a move of the Spirit for the Grand Caymans. Father, we agree with You tonight for the Grand Cayman Islands. Lord, we know that has been a place for tax shelters, but it also has been a place where people have been duped into sending their money. Father, I ask in the name of Jesus, and I believe that You are saying that in the Grand Cayman Islands You are going raise up something to release finances that will help finance the kingdom. We ask for that tonight and believe for that tonight. Read More
August 4, 2006
The gates of the holy have been sealed in Barcelona, but those gates shall be broken wide open. I prophesy a move of the Spirit of God in that nation that begins in the slums of Barcelona and goes all the way to the seat of government. Read More
August 4, 2006
I am seeing the Scandinavian Nations—Norway, Sweden, and Finland. I am just going to prophesy revival in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. I believe, Lord, You are showing me that there is a German who is going to have great influence and great anointing in the Scandinavian region. And so Father, I join with him now by faith, and I say "release that influence, release that power, release that proclamation" Lord for some transformation in those nations in the name of Jesus. Read More


November 22, 2005
Korea is going to be one of the most strategic focuses of the world in the times ahead. We need to understand the spiritual reasons for this. South Korea has become one of the world’s greatest bastions of Christianity. The Korean church is one of the strongest in the world and is being used to give strength and resolve to Christians around the world. It is for this reason that the devil intends to destroy South Korea through a nuclear destruction. Read More


September 9, 2004
Australia will emerge as one of the most strategically important nations in the world over the next two decades. It will be one of the leading nations in the newer world that is about to emerge. Australia will begin to fulfill its original name, “the great South Land of the Holy Spirit.” The people of Australia will have a special love for the Holy Spirit and they will know Him and His works. As they do this, the Holy Spirit will move upon the desert interior of the nation, beginning to make it fertile and fruitful. Read More


July 9, 2003
VANCOUVER: I saw the city of Vancouver become a major port for hospital ships. These were sailing all over the world, but primarily to Asia, and South and Central America. This region of Southwestern Canada will soon become one of the great missionary bases in North America, particularly for reaching China and the strategic nations of Asia. Many great healing ministries will rise up there, and some will move there to make it their base. Read More


October 21, 2002
Russia will be the host of the greatest revival that the world has yet seen. Because of it, the soul of the nation will be transcendent, overcoming many of the great problems of the times and helping many other nations to do the same. Read More
October 21, 2002
Norway has strong bones, sits in a place of vision and prophecy, and has an important part to play in the unfolding purposes of the Lord in both Europe and the Middle East. It is time to expose and reject the New Age influences that have exalted themselves in Norway. As this happens the Lord will give Norway a sign—the weather over Scandinavia will change so that the sunshine will increase and the overcast will decrease. Read More
October 21 , 2002
I saw the island of Taiwan turn into a beautiful sailing ship. It was sailing on waters that changed from blue to green over and over. It was moving at a good speed but its sails became tattered and the hull of the ship worn and battered. Soon it was barely moving, but was just drifting with the currents. A harbor came into sight and it drifted toward the harbor while the harbor started moving toward it. Then the ship slipped into a dock that seemed to have been made to fit it perfectly. There, it was very quickly restored and emerged much larger and even more beautiful than before. Read More
October 21, 2002
A bold new generation of leaders is about to emerge in France. They will discern and respond to the same prophecy as Joan of Arc, discerning the true King, being willing to fight and sacrifice all to see Him exalted over France. This movement will spark the final reformation movement to sweep the church worldwide. It will be fueled by the restoration of the knowledge of God’s love. The Lord has saved His best wine for last, and France will be a primary source of it. Read More
May 31, 2002
Germany is one of the most strategic nations on earth, both spiritually and economically, and will again be a great military power. This is a nation of doers that must have a vision. Without a clear and noble vision, racism, national intolerance of others, anger, and cruelty will again sink its roots deep into the German culture and seek to direct its future. Steered with strong and noble leadership, Germany can become a powerful force for good in the world, healing the many ethnic conflicts within Europe and the Middle East. One thing that Germany will not be is neutral. Read More
May 31, 2002
Communism will continue to erode as the basis for life and government in China, even if at times it seems to swing back toward more hard-line communist policies. After the terrible confusion of the Cultural Revolution, the gradual way in which the leaders of China allowed the shift from communism to a market-based economy was done with wisdom. Had China tried to implement these changes as fast as the Soviet Union, it would have created another terrible human tragedy. Read More
May 31, 2002
New Zealand is one of the great missionary nations on earth. If the size of a nation was based on the good it has done on the earth, New Zealand would be one of the largest nations on earth. In heaven, New Zealand is one of the most important nations, providing us with many leaders who are the true salt and light of the world. Read More
Originally given September 1, 1992; updated May 31, 2002
One of the cities where we will see a concentration of forces will be Atlanta, Georgia in 1996. During the American Civil War it was prophetically spoken that “the battle for Atlanta will decide the fate of the South.” This prophecy proved to be true. There were many more spectacular battles during the war, but possibly none that proved more strategic in deciding the war. Lessons from History Read More
"This Cup is 1931" - March 18, 2002
I had a dream in 1991 in which I saw multitudes of fighter planes departing at a fast speed. I knew they were going to war. As I looked in the direction that they were going, it was as if I were on a cliff standing over a large city by the sea shore. I then saw six large sailing ships rise on the waves and come crashing down the streets of this city. As the ships tumbled down the streets, they were being destroyed and were doing great damage in the city. The dream then changed and I was standing in front of a doorway. Read More
February 15, 2002
Introduction In July of 1999 while my wife, some good friends of ours and I were visiting Switzerland we had a profound prophetic experience that we will never forget. The following word chronicles this prophetic experience and interpretation that resulted from it. The Lord downloaded much revelation in regards to the Swiss people, the Swiss Church, their past, and what I believe is a foreshadowing of their spiritual future. Read More