Special Video Bulletin: "Goshen Grace" During Times of Destruction

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April 5, 2011 (Transcript)

      Hello, I am Rick Joyner. Thank you for joining me for this Special Bulletin on current events. The last few Bulletins we have done on the Japan earthquake and briefly touched on some other issues. Also, some of the things that were connected with that were prophecies that friends had made going back twenty-two years that I am aware of. We have been finding some of those old prophecies. Many of you have called in and requested or emailed in to see if we could run some of those old prophecies. We did not record a lot of things on video or audio twenty-some years ago. Some of that went out in Bulletins and to be honest with you, we do not have staff (to research these out). I am my research staff right now. I do not have the time to go back through all the Journals, but we have still found some of them. I just prayed, "Lord, bring some of these up." It would be good to go back to the original words. And we have happened upon some things. So I will be sharing them as we find them, going back to the old original words. I have spent quite a bit of time with Bob Jones, who was the source of a lot of those prophecies, and some other very accurate prophecies about earthquakes and disasters that took place. I think we have some real clarity on that.

      Also, I did want to mention that I heard from a number of you that I got the scale wrong on the Richter scale and how that is multiplied. I believe I mentioned that the Japan earthquake was 6,000 or 8,000 times stronger than the one at Christchurch. I actually did read that and I did find where I read that. So, they must have made a misprint too. That should have been hundreds instead of thousands. I did go back and check out the Richter scale, and each point on the scale does go up 10 times, not 100 times. It is like a 6.1 would be 10 times stronger than a 6.0. It would not be 100 times stronger. Several hundred times stronger is still pretty powerful. I guess even the government and news organizations do the same thing. It would be good not to, but reading how the report of the extra radiation coming out of that reactor—it first came out 10 million times, then a million times stronger than normal. Then they finally said, "We made a mistake. That was really exaggerated and we made a mistake in reporting. It was not 1 million times stronger; it was only 100,000 times stronger than normal." That makes me feel a whole lot better. I don't know about you, but just 100,000 times stronger than normal.

      We've got some problems. We’ve got some real issues out there. But I really appreciate—you guys really are my research staff. And when we make any kind of mistake like that, we really want to get it right. We want to be accurate. We really appreciate you letting us know about it when we make a mistake like that. But also, if any of you have some of those old prophecies, we are going to try to go back to some of the conferences over 20 years ago when we know we talked about some of these issues and bring them out, and examine and see what we shared in those conferences. To be honest with you, over 20 years ago, there are some things I do not remember if we talked about them in the green room, in the back room, out front, or whatever. I do remember writing some of it down in my journals. I tried to always do that when it was major events. I need to find some of those old journals, and then find some of the things I wrote about. We have gone back and reconstructed the prophecies, me getting with Bob Jones, and I think I have shared them very accurately so far.

      I want to talk about somebody else who had a prophetic revelation that I think concurred with these things and had a number that have come to pass, and that is Jim Bakker, who of course built Heritage USA, the old PTL property. He is well-known for both the good things he did and some of the troubles he had, but he has started another ministry out in Branson, Missouri. I have tried to help him as much as I could after he got out of prison. I believe in restoration, and that means if a man is caught in any trespass, those who are spiritual restore according to Galatians 6:1. I have been very engaged with Jim. He has had a real impact on me too because after he got out of prison, we spent days together. I spent a lot of time asking him what did he do wrong, what would he have done again, what would he do if he had the same chance to do it again. I think he is having the second chances now. He is building an incredible place out there in Branson and doing it much better and doing it right I think. He had wisdom I thought that could protect us so that if we would just learn the lessons, we would not have to make those same mistakes. I appreciated him being so candid about it. He ended up writing a big, thick book called I Was Wrong where he tried to write and explain the mistakes he had made so others would not have to make those same mistakes. Then I noticed right away Jim Bakker having some amazing prophetic revelation, prophetic gifts. 

      I was sitting in my cabin up in the mountains one time, and I was sitting there praying over Revelation 12 through 14, asking the Lord to give me understanding of those chapters. There was a knock on the door. I went to the door and there was Jim Bakker standing there with both arms filled with books. He said, "I had a dream last night about Revelation 12 through 14. I have to share this with you." He had already spent the whole morning doing all of this research with Concordances, and so forth, on his dream. I said, "Come on in. Talk to me." I believe he had some tremendous revelation and insight into those chapters. So I have always been keen to it. On New Year's Eve—we have a New Year's Conference every year where we seek the Lord for words for the coming year—at our New Year's Eve Conference in 1999, Jim Bakker was one of our speakers. He woke up in the middle of the night and got a download from heaven of thirty-one things that he saw that were going to unfold. I remember that conference. He shared them with Bob Jones and I before the meeting and we're thinking, well some of these things we have heard before. We believe the Lord has shown us, but some of them we did not know what to do with them. But we did feel like he was supposed to share them, and he did. As of right now, I believe thirty of those events that he foresaw have come to pass. Thirty out of thirty-one. There is only one left. The last one that was fulfilled was the Japanese earthquake. He shared that in his vision. In that revelation, one of the things Jim Bakker had was that there was going to be a terrorist attack in New York City and on a defense facility in Washington, DC. Now that happened just a few years later on September 11. The 9/11 attacks. Jim saw in his vision people running in the streets in terror. Of course, when that happened it really got our attention about the other things that Jim had seen in these thirty-one things the Lord had shown him.

     I want to show you just a little clip of what he was shown, Jim sharing these things over the last few months. 

Jim Bakker: On New Year Eve's of 1999, God gave me 31 things in a prophetic word in the middle of the night. I got up and I wrote them down. One of the 31 things that God showed me was that there would be a great explosion in New York City. And in Washington, DC. This was 2 years before 9/11. He said there would be terror and I saw people running in terror. God showed me, one of the things that is not in the 31 things, that New Orleans will be totally under water or be a sea of water over the top of New Orleans. The Lord gave me a strange word for March this year. He called it Major March. I believe March is going to be a month of major events. Now, the Lord has spoken to me there is coming a 9 point plus earthquake somewhere. There is going to be that earthquake God has been speaking to me is coming soon to Japan. And I was dreaming in this dream, I was running and I was warning people. I was saying "get to higher ground. Get to higher ground." I could look and I could see in the streets and I saw walls of water coming way down, even miles down the roadways. But walls of water were coming in. As we ran higher and higher, I was still looking back and as walked up and I could see the water coming, I said, "come follow me." But He said Major March. For God's people it will be a month that it could actually be a time where double blessing, it could be a time of double trouble and more for the world. 

      Very interesting, wasn't it? I know a lot of you, especially you who were at that 1999 conference, look back on those things and we are going back too. We are going to record all thirty-one of those and how they have been fulfilled. We will try and get those to you, but like I said, we are a little short on staff. It is basically me and our people who have many other duties who try to fit in a little bit when they can. But we are going to try and get that to you. And if any of you would like to sponsor some research staff us, we would deeply appreciate that and it would be helpful. I 

      I want to say this about Jim, too, because the last few years he has been riveted on trying to help Christians prepare for the times by storing food, storing water, water filters, and things like that. He has taken so much heat for that, so much heat for what he has been saying. If you could have seen the pictures I saw last week. I went over to Branson and did a few shows with Jim. To see the pictures they have been getting from Japan from people who have ordered that food and that water, and what it has meant to them in this crisis, to see the big smiles on their faces while they are hugging those buckets of food. There are reports that said everybody in their neighborhood is spending almost all of their time, hours and hours a day, standing in lines to get a little food or a little water, sometimes get to the end of the line and there is no food or water left. And they said these people who listened to Jim and ordered this stuff did not have to stand in those lines. Now this is crucial. Because some of these things are going to come to us. They are happening here. That is why we went down to become a part of the Katrina crisis. The Lord showed us this is going to come to your own country. You have got to be prepared for crises and know how to function in them and help other people. Those people who had ordered that food, each one of those buckets is like a one year supply of food, and have their own water and filters that will filter out just about everything that everybody is concerned about now. Jim was even giving out bottles of iodine. Worldwide that is almost impossible to get right now because of the run on it because of the nuclear accident. Jim had a storehouse full and was giving it out free in Branson last week. If you ordered anything, he was sending you a bottle of that. He has been prepared. He saw these things and took action on it. He stayed focused. He took years of ridicule on it. Some people heard, and those people are ready. I think a lot of other people are hearing right now too. I have been telling our own people for several years, we need a supply of food at home. We need a supply of water and water filters and things like that. We have to do that or the times are going to catch us and we are going to be caught in a terrible situation if we do not hear. Remember the ones, according to Jesus, who build their house on the rock, are those who hear the word of the Lord and those who prepare. I am going to come back in just a minute and talk to you some more about what was seen concerning California and impending quakes and tsunamis in California. I know this is a big question with many people. Those were a part of the original prophecies and we need to talk some about that. I will be right back.

      We have been talking about the Japanese earthquake and because that fulfilled the prophecy many people had given, not just Bob Jones, but with Bob I do remember seeing this coming and connecting it to some things that happened in this country but also connecting it to the beginning of a worldwide economic shakedown or meltdown. Jim Bakker shared with you got the download of thirty-one things in the middle of the night that were going to unfold. That was at our New Year's Conference in 1999 and how they have really unfolded. Some of the more dramatic ones, the terrorist attack on New York City and a defense facility in Washington, DC that was 9/11. How he saw people running in the streets. It all unfolded just like he said and now we are down to where thirty of those thirty-one have all been fulfilled. The most recent one was the Japanese quake that Jim had also foreseen. He saw the same thing that it would begin an economic meltdown, an economic shaking worldwide. What does that meltdown mean? We are going to talk some more about that. We have already discussed it a little bit. It does not mean the end of the world and does not necessarily mean the end of our economy. We really need to talk about some practical preparation for that. 

      Also a part of Bob's word, and I talked to Jim Bakker about it too, was that after that—now I talked to Jim and he remembered talking to Bob Jones on New Year's Eve 1999 before he shared these thirty-one things, he remembers talked to Bob before that meeting, and I was in there also, and how Bob was connecting it. He said, "yes there is coming this big earthquake in Japan just as Jim had seen and it would begin in the economic meltdown." Bob had seen the same thing and had been seeing it for years. But he said also we do not have to worry about the big one coming to the West Coast of America until after the big Japanese quake. We can be at peace, we can be at rest, but Bob was emphatic even in 1999—I have gone back and have seen some video there too—where Bob was emphatic back then he was telling people to move from our West Coast even then. He said it is time to start moving out. I went to the Lord, sought the Lord about it back then, years ago, more than twenty years ago—it got my attention a little more when Jim Bakker had seen the same thing coming—but I felt the Lord told me to tell people not to move unless they heard from Him until the Japanese quake. And then after the Japanese quake, that that needed to change. That if people asked my counsel, I was to tell them, "no it is time to move unless you hear from the Lord to stay because it is imminent now." I say imminent, it can now come at any time. It does not mean it will come at any time. I spent a good bit of time with Bob Jones yesterday and he believes we have at least 6 months. He kept getting six months. He did not know what to connect it with, but when the Japanese quake hit on March 11, six months after that was 9/11. Bob is very concerned. He is not saying and we are not prophesying the big California or the big West Coast earthquake is coming on 9/11, but it alarmed Bob. He does not know. But he kept getting six months. We are praying too. I have heard warnings about some of these things. We went back and I had heard some prophetic people sharing some of the same things about these earthquakes going back to the 1940s and 1950s. There are other things I believe God has been warning us about for over forty years, maybe fifty or sixty in some cases.

      I think there are things we do that give us more time. I think there are things we do that can prolong the unfolding of these things. One thing too, I do not think these are events that God is just smiting the earth with. One experience I remember right after Jim Bakker had been released from prison and was starting to go out and speak some, he had been asked to go out and speak in California, I believe he was going to be on TBN. He called me and he had been so alarmed that when they picked him up to take him to the studios, it was like all of a sudden he was in the middle of the earth. That is the way Jim described it. He saw angels, huge angels, holding these fault lines. He said there were huge unbelievable and growing pressure for these fault lines to shift and these angels were holding them together to keep them from shifting. He called me and said "I have never had anything like that. I felt like I was literally in the middle of the earth. I felt like I was really there. I know I was in the back of that limo on my way to the studio, but I was there." He was just all stirred up. Prophetic people have experiences like that and are well aware of them, and Jim had just never had one until that time. I felt that also speaks that this is something that God has been restraining. What is going to happen is there is a time when He removes His restraints from the events that are coming on the earth. It is like the four angels that He sends out in Revelation 7 to hold back the four winds of the earth until His bondservants are ready, until they have been sealed on their foreheads. So I feel that these are restraints that are being taken away and I believe there are some things that have caused us to compel the Lord to hear and give us more time. And that is what I am praying now too. "Lord, give us more than six months. Six months is not enough time." But I have been praying earnestly for those who are supposed to leave that region, God's people that they would first have the sense to seek the Lord for themselves and hear for themselves. If nothing else, all of this controversy is causing that to happen with a lot of people. Hear for themselves and do what He says. Don't linger. Don't mess around obeying the Lord now. I have heard from leaders out there, many leaders, that this is going to affect tens of thousands of people who are going to just pick up and run and leave. It is going to leave us and our churches… I am sorry, I am thinking of the tens of thousands of people that may be saved, not just that we lose some in our offerings. To be honest with you, some of the email response I have gotten from Christian leaders has been very disturbing. To me, it has almost been entirely about their own budget to be honest with you. That is tragic. We have to think of the people, not our stuff. 

      Some people say, "well the Lord told me to build this $10 million building so I know I am supposed to be here." Maybe you are, and maybe He is going to protect your building. I believe there can be Goshens, but I tell you, $10 million does not mean a whole lot to the Lord. In HIs economy of things He could have you build a $10 million building to reach one person and then move on. We do not understand. Why would He call Phillip to stir an entire city of Samaria? He has a citywide revival coming and the Lord tells him to leave that and go talk to this one man out in the desert. I think a lot of our reasoning in human reason, not God's reason. But I do believe it is time. If you have not heard clearly to stay, and I believe God is going to have many people staying there, but if you have not heard that, I think it is time to leave. If you have any questions, seek the Lord, hear for yourself. His sheep know His voice and they follow Him, not prophets, not pastors even. They follow Him because they know His voice. All of God's people are supposed to know His voice for themselves. We are not going to make it through the days to come just because we know somebody who knows the voice of the Lord. That is not going to work anymore. So if nothing else, be challenged to hear His voice for yourself.

      One of the things that is included in this prophecy, there is going to be a Goshen grace. Just like when all the judgments came upon Egypt, there was a place where God's people were completely protected. Some of the plaques did come upon Goshen too, the darkness, there were some that came upon there too, but generally it was a very protected place. I believe God is going to make a distinction in some of the things that are coming between His people. If you stay in confidence, stay in confidence. If you leave, leave in confidence that it is the Lord. Do not do anything out of fear, do it in faith. We do not let fear control us, we live by faith. Our calling is to live by faith. I am glad for the controversy, I am glad this is stirring up so many people. If nothing else, it will get them seeking the Lord. 

      Do I believe these things are coming? I do. I do believe they are coming upon the West Coast of the United States. I think there is also going to be, and this is really dependent on some of the behavior of our government, especially towards Israel, if we touch Israel in a wrong way and try to impose on them or pressure them to divide their land, I believe God is going to divide the United States right down the New Madrid fault line. Others I know, prophetic people, good friends, trustworthy friends who know the Lord and know His voice, have seen this. They have seen the Mississippi River divided become so wide there were no bridges across. All the bridges were brought down. You could not get from one side of our country to the other except by air or boat. There are things like this that are impending. I think it depends on us. I think we really need to repent as a nation for the way we have been treating our great ally, Israel, and a nation that has God's purpose and destiny on it. I think some of these things are dependent. I think the Lord could hold that New Madrid fault together so it never goes. It does not have to ever go. But I think if you see certain behavior on the part of our government, I would get away from that too. The last time that went in a major way, it rang church bells in Boston. There were whole pioneer towns back then that disappeared. They do not know where they went. That was an absolutely huge quake. It probably would have rung church bells in California; it may have. It has the potential to be one of the most devastating in our nation, in our history.

      I want to back up a little bit to the impending quakes on our West Coast. I believe it is more than one. I believe it is one in southern California, one in the northwest. A couple of things that both Jim Bakker and Bob Jones saw, and Jim said this last week, he believes there is another quake coming to Japan under Tokyo, or around Tokyo, that will be devastating to Tokyo. When I shared that with Bob yesterday, he said the same thing. He said, "Yes, I have been telling you that. It is going to come to Tokyo too." And there is another one impending in Tokyo. Everything has been so active. I downloaded the App to my Ipad on Quake Watch. It is unbelievable the quakes that are taking place off of Japan right now that are six or above, several a day, sometimes half a dozen a day. Something is unbelievably active there. Another thing Bob saw that got our attention that I had forgotten he talked about was that he kept seeing fish in waves being washed up on the shore. This is something he saw years ago. He saw dead fish all over the beaches. This was before the big quake in California and he thought that was going to be a warning of when it is imminent. What Bob saw in his vision that was killing the fish were electrical discharges from the fault line shifting. I do not know how that works, I do not know if it is true in the natural. I have seen Bob get stuff like that that neither one of us had a clue about, or anyone we knew had a clue about in the natural, but scientists would later confirm. It sounded reasonable to me. But Bob saw the shifting of the plates killing a lot of fish and they started washing up on the shores. When that happens, know that this is getting pretty close. That is one of the things we want to watch for.

      Another thing the Lord showed me back in the 1990s, when He started showing me some of the aspects of the warning quake that I believe was fulfilled in the Northridge Quake, was that water and getting drinking water was going to be the biggest crisis on the West Coast after this happened. I started telling people back then if you have a swimming pool that holds water, or anything that holds water, you are going to need it. I hope your swimming pool doesn't crack and you don't lose all the water in it because water is going to be the most desperately needed. I saw those aqueducts from the Colorado River just being shattered by that earthquake and millions of people desperate for drinking water, and they could not get it to them fast enough. There are things we need to know. We need to know water sources. Some of the filters that are being sold today where you can filter almost any kind of water—you can go to pond water and filter it and it is pure drinking water almost instantly—we need to get those. 

      This week I have people searching out sources for those. Jim Bakker is going to send me his sources so we can offer them. They say one gallon of Clorox, you want to keep one of those close by, because Clorox they say a drop of Clorox will purify a gallon of water. I imagine that depends on just how polluted the water is, but there are things like this that we really need to know and be prepared for. So in the future Prophetic Bulletins I am going to be sharing with you details that we have learned going back and finding other aspects of the old words about these things, we are also going to be sharing some practical things that we can do to be prepared and also sources for these things to help you to do that. Thank you.

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