The Sons of Issachar Anointing: Knowing the Timing of God - The Judgments of God, Part 6

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Week 43, 2011

     I love prophecy, but I love history even more. Since I came to the Lord by a supernatural experience, I immediately became deeply interested in the supernatural which I had not even believed in before. I love supernatural prophetic experiences and the prophetic gifts of the Spirit. I like eschatology, the study of the prophecies of the end of this age in Scripture, but it is more of a peripheral interest than a passion, even though that is what I get questioned about the most now it seems.

     When I was a new believer, a copy of The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey was given to me, and it did stir in me an infatuation with eschatology for several years. I’ve always been thankful for that book for that reason, though I confess when I examined the Scriptures on some of his points, I could not see how Hal came to some of his conclusions. I confess to appreciating the Left Behind series for the same reason. This has caused millions to become interested in what the Bible has to say about these times—definitely a good thing. I may not share all of the same perspectives, but I’m glad for the interest these books have stirred up in people.

     I spent several years when I was a young Christian trying to get a sound biblical perspective on the prophecies of the end times because of the obvious importance that the Lord gave to understanding the times. However, after the infatuation wore off, I did this more out of duty than passion. I appreciate those who have a passion for it, and love to listen to them, but just never have caught it like that myself and certainly do not consider myself an authority on it. We all have our part, and no one can do everything. Since the Lord said that living waters come from our innermost being, I try to flow with where I am finding life.

     I have never pursued dreams, visions, or prophecies about things like earthquakes or other disasters, and would prefer not to get them. All of my pursuit of prophetic insight has been a desire to see how the kingdom will come. However, I consider myself a servant and try to take any assignment without complaining, but I have a much greater love for understanding the coming kingdom than I do the end of this age.

     Years ago, I became very concerned that the body of Christ should have a true and dependable “sons of Issachar” ministry for the times to come, which is the ministry of knowing the times and what God’s people should do to be prepared for them. I was told that I would receive this, if I was obedient. For what would be required of me I was given Genesis 49:14-15, which was Jacob’s prophecy over Issachar:

“Issachar is a strong donkey, lying down between the sheepfolds.
When he saw that a resting place was good and that the land was pleasant,
he bowed his shoulder to bear burdens, and became a slave at forced labor."

      I was told that I would go through a period of time when I would have to leave my mountain retreat and bear burdens, especially administrative burdens. That’s when I took on the task of restoring the Heritage Grand Hotel and Conference Center (the former PTL property), as well as helping ministries who had trouble and needed restoring. I know this was because restoration is such a basic part of the heart of God, and His ultimate purpose for the kingdom to come is to restore “all things” as Peter stated in Acts 3:21. I needed to know the difficulties as well as the joy of it so that I could always see His redemptive purpose in everything that is done.

     This is just a sketch of why I’m doing what I am now. I try not to do anything because I like it or don’t like it, but just to determine that I am called to do it. In short, I’m trying to be a good slave. I do not know how well I’ve done, but I do know I have not yet received the “sons of Issachar” anointing to know the times and what God’s people should do except in a very general sense. I know that when prophecies come out like the pending troubles on our West Coast, one of the most helpful things for people would be to know the timing. I don’t have that yet but will continue to pursue it. I consider it one of the most important aspects of the prophetic that we’re going to need, and I don’t really know anyone who has it except in a sporadic way.

     Whether I actually receive the “sons of Issachar” anointing or others do is fine with me, but I know it will be one of the most valuable gifts the body of Christ could have for the times we’re entering. We should all be seeking and praying for this gift now. So, when I am not given a specific assignment, I pursue what I’m finding the most life on, and where my own passion is, but when I am given a specific assignment, I try to do it as well as possible whether I like it or not.

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