West Coast Disaster: Pray For More Time and Repentance - The Judgments of God, Part 11

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Week 48, 2011

     Will the Lord change His mind about the pending doom that is coming to our West Coast and the Central U.S.? He could, and we should hope that He does, but that is up to us. Repentance and intercession can change the Lord’s mind. We have examples of this under the Old Covenant, and we have “a better covenant.” We can appeal to God, and I believe we should every time we are shown something like this that is pending. However, just appealing to Him is not enough when there is judgment pending because of transgression—there must be repentance.

     We were shown that the Japan earthquake and tsunami would be markers; therefore, I have been praying for more time. I pray this even though I know the Lord has responded to this prayer many times for those same pending consequences, and each time that He gave more time, sin became worse with little repentance. Even so, until these things come, I am praying for all of the grace possible, but especially for more time. This is what Abraham did when he was shown what was about to happen to Sodom, and even though it did not result in the salvation of Sodom, it is the right thing to do.

      Now I want to share in more detail what I was shown that would come upon the West Coast of the U.S. First, I need to explain that others have seen an even greater shaking for the Central U.S. along the New Madrid fault line. I was not shown that personally, but I believe them. Others have seen major disasters coming upon the Eastern U.S., including a nuclear bomb going off. I believe these too are true warnings from God, but I did not get them myself. If you wonder why I was not shown these that were closer to where I live rather than for the West Coast, maybe I am too close to them just as it seems some are too close to their situation to see well for the West Coast. Even so, I must stick to what I was personally shown.

      When I had a two-and-a-half day prophetic experience in 1987, which I wrote about in The Harvest, I saw major earthquakes hitting California, which were so devastating that virtually whole cities disappeared. Both L.A. and San Francisco were two of the cities I saw that had almost entirely vanished. I then saw those cities tied to a worldwide economic meltdown.

      Later, I was shown that the Lord was going to give a warning earthquake that was like a shot across the bow of California. I saw some details of this warning shot earthquake, which I shared on many visits to the West Coast at that time. Bob Jones had seen virtually the same things so we shared them together at times. What we saw in this warning earthquake were fulfilled in the last earthquake in Southern California.

      I only saw one of those warning earthquakes, but I have been praying for another one to help prepare or move people out of the area before the big ones that I saw hit. However, I have to admit to being a bit ambivalent about praying for another warning earthquake. The last one did little in waking up even the Christians there and seemed to harden many in their arrogance about being able to handle these things.

      We see in part and prophesy in part, and no one has the whole picture. I have inquired of the Lord for more insight, especially timing. After the Japan earthquake, Bob Jones said that he did not think the earthquakes would hit our West Coast for at least six months. Many interpreted this as him saying that they would hit in six months, but that is not what he said. He said that he felt they would not come before six months, but who knows how long after this we have. As I write this, we are passing the six-month point from the Japan earthquake and tsunami (I’m writing this in the middle of September).

      In the early 1990s, I had a dream in which I saw waves of the sea lapping at the bottom of the hills in Pasadena. Then I had dreams in which I saw great destruction in the Northwest reaching far into Canada. In one of those dreams, I saw an overcast over the entire region that I recognized as volcanic ash, so I think what happens in the Northwest will be linked to a volcanic eruption. I recognized this volcanic ash because I was flying a Learjet over that region when Mount St. Helens erupted. I don’t think I will ever forget the distinct type of cloud volcanic ash makes.

      As I shared before, on a recent trip to Seattle I was overcome with supernatural grief for hours at a time like I have never experienced before. I felt that I was grieving not just for thousands but for hundreds of thousands. I was shown earlier that many who survived the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions would be lost for lack of water. The lakes and streams would be poisoned by the volcano and virtually all sources of fresh water would be unusable there. Emergency services would not able to get nearly enough water to the people there because roads would be so damaged and even airports would not be usable.

      In the Northwest, the volcano(s) will poison the water, but in California, the earthquakes will destroy the aqueducts. For this reason, whenever I have gone to the region I have encouraged people there to prepare emergency supplies of fresh water and ways to purify water to drink.

      The encouraging part of my last trip to Seattle was the way the believers were taking these warnings seriously, because many have been hearing from the Lord. Some who had doubted our warnings had dreams or revelations themselves and no longer doubt. There was a large movement to have believers trained in Disaster Response, and I had lunch with one mayor who was resolved to have all city employees and as many of his citizens as possible trained. He has even written a handbook for this that other mayors could use. I did not talk to a single person there in any depth that was not convinced a great calamity was coming, and I was glad that I was so resolved to warn the people. Most were resolved to stay to be a part of the ministry when it happened, but there were no illusions that it would be easy.

      When I was first shown this in 1987, I inquired of the Lord about how to share these things. I was told that until the Japan earthquake hit I should tell the people to stay if they had not heard specifically to move away, but after the Japan earthquake they should move if they had not heard specifically to stay. I stand by that. The encouraging thing is that many are hearing. Some are hearing to move, and some are hearing to stay. Others who are not from the region are hearing to move there to be a part of it knowing that a great harvest will come. There will be “Goshens” where God’s people will be protected. There will be “cities of refuge” that will be great lights during the dark times to come. I encourage everyone there to find these and join with them.

      Practical things can be done now to prepare for this water shortage that will save many people. I encourage everyone on our West Coast especially to learn these, but this should also be something we all learn for the times to come. Drinkable water will be one of the most valuable commodities in the world as this begins to unfold.

      After days of feeling this terrible grief for the region, I was then shown that after the eruptions and earthquakes, the Northwest U.S. and Western Canada would become one of the most geologically stable and beautiful places in the world to live. I’m still processing that, but I felt that somehow the pillars of the earth in this region would be set in such a way that this would be as stable as anywhere in the world after this.

      I have not seen anything about the future of California. That doesn’t mean it does not have one, and a bright one, but I have not been shown it. There is always hope, but without a true and sweeping revival, California could become one of the greatest disasters of all time, so great that it will push the world economy that is tottering so near the cliff over the edge. The whole world will be impacted by this, and therefore the whole world should have an investment in praying for revival and repentance to come to California.

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