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A Diary Of Miracles Part I Healings and Encounters in a Jesus Cafe


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An English suburb in the 21st century; an unlikely place for healings, new life an ddeliverance from demons....? A Diary of Miracles says otherwise.

"Like 'A Diary of Miracles' we can expect more people's diaries to read like the Book of Acts as we enter these times of unprecedented harvest."   ~Rick Joyner


What God is up to in this organic and presence-driven community in Chester is truly remarkable! Read the testimonies, receive the breakthroughs and allow your faith to be stirred for the unprecedented hour in which we live!

Sean Feucht
Founder, Burn 24/7, Author of "Fire & Fragrance" (Destiny Image Publishers) --Sean Feucht's Endorsement

Aliss Cresswell, together with her husband Rob, head up GloryFires (MorningStar Europe), a Christian equipping ministry based in Chester UK, where they are witnessing many miraculous healings and salvations in their shop, café, in their churches and on the streets. Aliss has a vision to see the church released into its full destiny to impact the world with the love and power of the gospel.

She is a 'healing revivalist' and travels inter-nationally, helping others set up shops, cafés and churches with a view to fanning the flames of revival across Europe. Her first book 'A Diary of Miracles' is inspiring many to share the good news of Jesus Christ and heal the sick wherever they are.

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